Best Review of XDrum Semi E-Drum Complete Set

XDrum Semi E-Drum Complete SetBest Review of XDrum Semi E-Drum Complete Set

With so many available today, it is good to have a name you can trust. The XDrum Semi E-Drum Complete Set is certainly that and will be a excellent purchase. For this great price, the XDrum Semi E-Drum Complete Set is widely recommended and is always a popular choice with many people.

  • E-Drum Set with sound module, 4 drum pads, 3 cymbal pads, 1 kick trigger, 1 hi-hat control pedal
  • Snare pad with rim shot function, open hi-hat function, 108 voices, 10 preset kits, 5 user kits
  • 40 preset songs, 1 user pattern, mix-input for CD-MP3 player, output stereo, headphone output
  • Connections: USB port, kick, snare, tom1, tom2, tom3, hi-hat, ride, crash, hi-hat control
  • incl. Drum rack, drum pedals, cabling, sticks, tuning wrench, power pack and instructions for use

Product Description

E-drum complete set with high-grade trigger pads!

The XDrum Semi is the ideal drum set for all drummers who want to break new ground on stage or in the studio.

Extensive features ensure that you definitely have state-of-the-art technology at your disposal. Of course the Semi is more suitable than anything else for rehearsing at home because you can play almost silently and therefore neither neighbours nor housemates are bothered.

Especially beginners very much appreciate this advantage! Furthermore, there are reasonable learning functions integrated into this drum set, which effectively support you in your musical development.

Modern sound diversity which will thrill you!

108 high quality sounds and a total of 15 drum kits guarantee maximum flexibility for any style, whether Latin, jazz, electro, drum & bass, rock or also orchestral sounds.

The Semi offers 10 preprogrammed drum sets for popular stylistics. Furthermore, you can store 5 kits which you compiled and retrieve them with all the personal settings.

Any sounds can be combined with drum sets for individual adaptation. The individual sounds can also be adjusted in volume and tone pitch.

The Semi has so-called excess zone pads. With these, you get a different sound when you play in the middle or on the edge. Popular ways of playing such as rim shots, cymbals stopped by hand or stress on the cymbals are now no longer a problem.