Review Cambridge Id100 Blk

Cambridge Id100 BlkReview Cambridge Id100 Blk

With so many available these days, it is wise to have a name you can trust. The Cambridge Id100 Blk is certainly that and will be a excellent acquisition. For this great price, the Cambridge Id100 Blk comes highly respected and is always a regular choice with lots of people.

Product Description

Slightly larger than the usual dock, the iD100 has the physical stature to comfortably support an iPad. Finally, you're now able to access all the stored music and video on your iPad in the highest quality possible and whilst it's being charged and conveniently sited. In addition to accommodating just about any portable Apple iProduct, the iD100 is one of the best sounding docks in its class. One of the reasons for this is the digital output. Rather than using the DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor) that's built into the player, the iD100 taps into the digital output and streams it straight to your separate DAC (such as the matching Cambridge Audio DacMagic 2) or AV receiver with digital input. Put simply, the better the quality of your DAC, the better the sound quality. As you'd expect from top hi-fi manufacturer's, Cambridge Audio, the high quality, low jitter digital output extracts the very best digital signal quality. The resulting sound has far greater depth and sense of realism than other analogue docks. The professional thoroughness of the design extends to the generous and comprehensive socketry, too. In addition to a choice of coaxial or optical digital outputs, there's also an XLR balanced output for connection to professional audio equipment and the very best in home hi-fi. Added to this is a Type-B USB socket that allows convenient and simple syncing to iTunes. Cambridge Audio hasn't forgotten about video with this digital iPad dock, either. A switchable video socket lets you choose between component, SVHS and composite signals. Finishing off this highly specced iPod digital dock is a comprehensive remote control. Should you already happen to have a Cambridge Audio amp or receiver, then there's a good chance that its remote control will also operate the ID100. For the thrill of real music, the iD100 brings back the tingle factor to your digitally stored collection. We think you'll be lost in music!