Best Reviews of Pronomic DJM500 5-Channel DJ Mixer

Pronomic DJM500 5-Channel DJ MixerBest Reviews of Pronomic DJM500 5-Channel DJ Mixer

With so many available these days, it is wise to have a brand you can recognise. The Pronomic DJM500 5-Channel DJ Mixer is certainly that and will be a superb purchase. For this great price, the Pronomic DJM500 5-Channel DJ Mixer comes widely recommended and is a popular choice for lots of people.

  • 5-channel DJ mixer with auto BPM counter, extensive monitor section with 2 cue modes
  • 4 stereo-ch: trim, input selector, 3-band EQ with kill function, 45mm fader and LED meter
  • Microphone-Ch: trim, 3-band EQ and talk-over function (max. -24 dB)
  • Crossfader section: 45mm crossfader with adjustable curve, assign A/B switches and kill A/B buttons
  • integrated 24 bit digital effect device with 46 FX presets, source switch, level and FX on/off key button

Product Description

Professional DJ mixer wit auto BPM counter and an integrated digital effect device!

The DJM500 offers everything a DJ's heart desires. 4 stereo channels, a microphone channel with talk-over function, extensive cue options, crossfader section with kill switches, an auto BPM counter and a built-in 24 bit digital effect device with 46 FX presets.

The surface of the DJM500 is very well-arranged and efficient. The four identical stereo channel strips offer an input selector with which the input signal can be switched between CD/line and phono. As a standard, the trim-potentiometer provides for a mean level while the 3-band EQ with kill function makes massive acoustic changes possible. Per channel there is an extremely smooth running 45mm fader at your disposal. An LED meter per channel serves monitoring the input level.

A 45mm fader also does its VCA-controlled job in the crossfader section. Therefore, in each case both channels can be blended which are selected with both assign switches. In doing so, the blend curve can be stagelessly adjusted between "linear" and "logarithmic". In addition to the kill EQs in the channels, there are also kill switches (kill A/kill B) available here, which are series-connected to the CH-EQs!

Furthermore, the DJM200 offers a microphone channel with level, 3-band EQ and talk-over function, an extensive monitor section with various cue modes and the master section with meter indication, 45mm master fader and surround FX control. The integrated 24 bit digital effect device with 46 FX presets can be assigned to a specific source via selection switch and added to the master signal with a level control.

Using the auto BPM counter, the channels can be ideally adjusted in tempo and offset. The tempo of the current track is indicated in each channel via the display.