Best Reviews of Hairmax Laser comb Pro 12

Hairmax Laser comb Pro 12Best Reviews of Hairmax Laser comb Pro 12

With so many available right now, it is good to have a brand you can trust. The Hairmax Laser comb Pro 12 is certainly that and will be a superb acquisition. For this reduced price, the Hairmax Laser comb Pro 12 is highly respected and is a popular choice with most people.

  • HairMax Pro 12 LaserComb
  • Promotes increased hair health and re-growth with proven results
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Delivers 12 individual beams of Laser Therapy
  • Rechageable with Charging Cradle included

Product Description

A revolutionary and safe treatment in combating all forms of hair related problems for both men and women.
The HairMax Laser Comb uses laser diode technology to improve hair growth, reduce hair loss and improve the hairs condition making it appear fuller, thicker and healthier. This Pro 12 model is slightly larger than the Advanced 7 model as it boasts 12 individual laser beams shaving minutes off your necessary treatment time. Charging cradle included, the Pro 12 Laser Comb requires no batteries and can be fully charged in under 2 hours.
Individual results may vary, but within the first 12-16 weeks you should notice early general improvements or activation of scalp hair occurring. These improvements include a normalising of scalp condition; thicker and shinier hair; and, not forgetting, a boost in your confidence.
How does it work?
Through the scientific principle of "Photo-Biostimulation", the HairMax LaserComb stimulates hair follicles to grow thicker, healthier and fuller hair. Light is energy. Living cells thrive in light and hair follicles benefit from the light energy provided by the HairMax LaserComb. Through extensive clinical research, the exact wavelength and energy level that is most beneficial in stimulating weakened hair follicles has been determined and is delivered by the HairMax LaserComb Pro 12. In recent clinical studies, the HairMax LaserComb grew an average of 19 new hairs per square centimetre. This is scientifically significant and a medical milestone.