Best Reviews of ECO 10 - 9.5kW Swimming Pool Heat Pump (0891963)

ECO 10 - 9.5kW Swimming Pool Heat Pump (0891963)Best Reviews of ECO 10 - 9.5kW Swimming Pool Heat Pump (0891963)

With so many on offer these days, it is wise to have a make you can recognise. The ECO 10 - 9.5kW Swimming Pool Heat Pump (0891963) is certainly that and will be a excellent buy. For this great price, the ECO 10 - 9.5kW Swimming Pool Heat Pump (0891963) is widely respected and is always a regular choice for lots of people.

  • Heating Capacity (kW): 9.5
  • Performance (C.O.P.): 4.8
  • Max Pool Volume (m3 / Gal): 40 / 8800
  • Water Connection (mm): 50
  • Dimensions (LxWxH - mm): 1140x400x650

Product Description

The ECO heat pumps is a compact swimming pool heater with a high efficiency coefficient of up to 4.8. Installed outside, the ECO absorbs energy from the air and return it to the pool water.

The heating exchanger is made of PVC & Titanium® tube, which can withstand prolonged exposure to swimming pool water. The unit is very easy to operate: switch it on and set the desired pool water temperature.

The unit comprises an efficient rotary compressor and a low-noise fan motor, which guarantees its quiet operation, can heat your swimming pool water when the air temperature is 8°C or higher and has low operational costs due to its high performance.

These units come with a 2 years full parts and labour warranty.

- High efficiency coefficient up to 4.8

- Summer season model (Apr - Oct). Minimum 8°c
air temperature

- Compact for easy installation

- Quiet running with low sound rotary compressor,
low noise fan

- R407c for an environmentally friendly operation

- Titanium heat exchanger, resistant to salt and

- Precision temperature control

- Freeze prevention mode