Reviews for Eye One Display 2

Eye One Display 2Reviews for Eye One Display 2

With so many on offer these days, it is good to have a brand you can trust. The Eye One Display 2 is certainly that and will be a perfect purchase. For this great price, the Eye One Display 2 is widely respected and is a regular choice for many people.

Product Description

The Eye-One Display 2 is a powerful, sophisticated monitor profiling solution providing consistent, predictable color on all types of monitors - both LCD and CRT. The easy-to-use, compact device is the next generation of the Eye-One Display color profile solution. With new enhancements to both hardware and software, the Eye-One Display 2 features a new sensor providing higher repeatability, faster measurements and higher sensitivity in the dark areas for better control in shadow detail and a more neutral gray scale. Lightweight and sleek, the new device is the same as the original Eye-One Display and comes with a new ambient light head, a built-in counterweight for LCD displays plus an integrated suction cup for CRTs. Features: LCD and CRT displays Compact colorimeter for emissive color measurements Calibrates your monitor to ensure the right colors are displayed Use at multiple workstations - no additional licensing fee USB powered Enhanced sensor provides higher repeatability Monitor profile summary Profile reminder Chromatice adaptation formula Automatic gray balance Ambient Light Meter Multiple monitor profiling Mac and PC compatible - Mac OS X v 10.1 or later, Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP Specifications: Interface: USB data and power supply Refresh Rate: Monitor frequencies: 40 Hz to 150 Hz Cycle Time: Time per measurement: typical 1 second per patch Physical Dimensions: Length 84mm, width 64 mm, height 35mm (3.3 x 2.5 x 1.4 in) Weight: 52 g (1.9 oz) Dynamic Range: Black point: 0.05 cd/m2 White point: up to 1,000 cd/m2 Accuracy (LCD): Luminance: Y: typical +/- 2% Chroma x,y: typical +/- 0.006 Accuracy (CRT) Luminance: Y: typical +/- 2% Chroma x,y: typical +/- 0.004 Repeatability: Luminance: Y: typical +/- 1% Chroma x,y: typical +/- 0.002 Color Temperature: CCT (correlated color temperature) range: typical 4000K to 120000K accuracy: typical +/- 250K