Best Reviews of BOSS MICRO-BR


With so many available recently, it is good to have a brand you can recognise. The BOSS MICRO-BR is certainly that and will be a superb buy. For this great price, the BOSS MICRO-BR comes widely recommended and is always a regular choice for lots of people.

  • Four Recording tracks with 32 V-Tracks
  • MP3 player / recorder with time-stretch capability
  • COSM guitar multi-effects, reverb and mastering tool kit
  • Rhythm Track with 294 rhythm patterns using real drum sounds
  • USB for loading/saving MP3 and song files

Product Description

The World's Smallest Pro StudioMeet the ultimate palmtop guitar companion and recording studio. Only slightly larger than an iPod, the tiny-yet-powerful MICRO BR is a dream for musicians on the go. The MICRO BR offers four simultaneous playback tracks (plus 32 V-Tracks), MP3 compatibility, onboard multi-effects, built-in rhythm patterns, a tuner, USB, an SD Card slot, and more. No guitar case or gig bag should be without one! * Ultra portable, only slightly larger than an iPod * 4-track playback, 32 V-Tracks * Loads and plays MP3 files * Multi-effects onboard; dedicated guitar input * Time-Stretch and Center Cancel features (including MP3 files) * 293 rhythm patterns * Built-in tuner and microphone * USB port for data transfer * SD Card slot for recording media, 128MB card included BR in Pocket The MICRO BR is so small you can put it in your pocket! It measures just 136.0 mm x 81.0 mm x 21.4 mm (5-3/8'' x 3-3/16'' x 7/8''). But even though it?s a shrimp, the Micro BR packs an entire studio worth of features into its tiny case. There are a dozen buttons on its front panel, and even a built-in microphone for quick capture.Four Tracks & More At its core, the MICRO BR is a four-track studio with four simultaneous playback tracks and two simultaneous record / input tracks. However, there?s more to this recorder than meets the eye. Each of the four main playback tracks also has eight companion V-Tracks (for a total of 32), so you can record take after take after take, then pick your best material for final mixdown.Drum Machine & Effects Onboard Given the MICRO BR?s small size and low price, you might be surprised to find the next two features onboard: (1) Almost 300 drum patterns are included. Use them for play-along inspiration or even as song foundations. The rhythms don?t consume any of the four playback tracks ? they play back independently. A quality multi-effects processor is built into the MICRO BR for enhancing your...