Best Reviews for Heliopan 82mm TEN STOP NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER


With so many on offer today, it is good to have a name you can recognise. The Heliopan 82mm TEN STOP NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER is certainly that and will be a perfect acquisition. For this reduced price, the Heliopan 82mm TEN STOP NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER is highly respected and is a regular choice amongst lots of people.

  • Heliopan 82mm 10 stop Neutral Density filter ND3.0.

Product Description

Heliopan Neutral Density filters are important tools for controlling light reduction. They permit less depth of field under bright lighting since the aperture has to be larger and, in addition, they permit long time exposures with stronger ND filters in sunlight.

Over exposure can be avoided resulting in natural color reproduction. ND gray filters are manufactured from color neutral Schott glass so they can be used for accurate color imaging. They are available in 3 densities. Higher densities are available on special order for technical and scientific applications.

Tip: For evening and night exposures, totally close the aperture, use a strong ND filter and use a tripod. Log exposures will result in moving objects disappearing and a surreal effect.

For brilliant color reproduction, highest contrast and sharpness Heliopan filters are THE choice for the professional photographer. When coupled with the fact that Heliopan filters are manufactured from SCHOTT glass (the same stuff used to make ZEISS optics), it is clear that the only thing that should stand between your lens and your subject is a Heliopan filter.

Made in Germany, all Heliopan screw-in filters come in high quality anodised brass mounts which virtually eliminate binding.

* The ND 3.0 has a light transmission of 0.10%: Filter Factor 1000x: Exp Correction -10
* Available in 39mm to 105mm and Bayonet sizesMade in Germany
* Brilliant Colour Reproduction and High Sharpness
* The highest quality optical glass from the German Schott Group
* The longest life expectancy thanks to brass filter rims
* Minimal reflections because of matte black filter rings
* At least one high quality hard coating on each filter side