Best Review of Easi-Speak Pro - MP Voice Recorder

Easi-Speak Pro - MP Voice RecorderBest Review of Easi-Speak Pro - MP Voice Recorder

With so many available right now, it is good to have a brand you can trust. The Easi-Speak Pro - MP Voice Recorder is certainly that and will be a perfect buy. For this great price, the Easi-Speak Pro - MP Voice Recorder is widely respected and is a popular choice amongst most people.

  • Easi-Speak lets you record directly into the microphone
  • Playback remotely or download your files straight to your PC through the attached USB
  • LCD screen with a fully integrated menu system, showing the track number playing, battery life, memory status and recording format
  • Dual headphone sockets
  • Belt clip to attach to clothing

Product Description

To appeal to children aged 9 upwards and taking onboard feedback from teachers and advisors we have developed the sleek and stylish Easi-Speak Pro.

Attractively designed as a microphone children can be the roving reporter or singing star, without being attached to a PC. Cross-Curricular Use ICT - Use to record, upload and re-record projects to asses how the work has improved. English - Use for role play interviewing, drama-script reading and listening back to recordings. Maths - Record in your times table songs and rhymes for all the class to sing to. Science - Record sounds form varying distances - how does the sound alter? Art & D&T - Experiment with sound to generate new presentation techniques. Geography - Interview local residents about issues that concern them with their local environment. History - Use on field trips to see how attitudes to popular culture, work and home life have changed. Music - Record and listen to music and sounds